Loving Lexi-Gem

I had the pleasure of photographing some dear friends of mine, Dino (Tec) Trentin & Clare (Bella) Whitney and their beautiful daughter, Lexi-Gem. 

 Lexi-Gem has had some challenges in life already, and has Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, and is undergoing daily therapies to help her muscles gain strength and create new brain pathways to achieve independence.

 Clare, an amazing printmaker and artist, and Tec, a whizz with all things audio visual are doing an incredible job of trying to help Lexi reach her full potential.  The therapies they need to undertake for Lexi are expensive and ongoing, and there is very little Government funding available to them, so they have started a Facebook page called Loving Lexi-Gem to help support them as they try to best support Lexi-Gem.

Here are a few pics from a lovely morning spent with 3 beautiful people.