About 16 months ago, I documented the wedding of the lovely Jess & Nima in the middle of winter at The Lakehouse, in Daylesford.  The day was funny, touching and above all, a great celebration of their love for one another.  

Melbourne wedding photographer.jpg

Fast forward to a month ago when I received an email from Jess with the news that they had a beautiful baby boy in their lives, called Caspian.  Here in Jess's words are the origins behind the name of their first born.

'Caspian's name was inspired by one of my favourite literary characters, Prince Caspian from C.S. Lewis's 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and coincidentally has beautiful ties both our family histories. Not only is his name a nod to my family's history in sailing and seafaring (Prince Caspian was a captain and seafarer), but Nima's father, who is Persian, remembers with great fondness the memories of his misspent youth by the Caspian Sea in Iran'.