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The Client / The Couple
1. We authorise the Leo Farrell Photography to arrange the photography of our Wedding, in accordance with the details overleaf. We understand
there is a 3 working day cooling-off period from the date of signing this contract.

2. We have received, read and understand Leo Farrell Photography’s price list, which has been confirmed for our wedding, on payment of the
deposit/booking fee. We agree that payment of the initial deposit/booking fee confirms the booking with Leo Farrell Photography as per the details shown in the front of this order.

3. We agree to pay the remaining balance at least two weeks prior to the Wedding Day. Failure to do so gives Leo Farrell Photography the right to
refuse to carry out the full photographic services.

4. The booking of and any additional costs incurred for booking venues, photography locations etc are our responsibility and may be deducted
from the photographic coverage unless paid for separately. (NB If the photographer is required to remain after the meal, providing a meal for the
photographer would be greatly appreciated.)

5. (a) We are satisfied that the details overleaf are correct and will confirm the details two weeks prior to the Wedding. We agree to advise the
hairdressers and make-up artists, the hire cars, caterers and any other relevant suppliers of all the relevant times, details and locations as detailed
here and to coordinate their services.

6. (b) The details & times listed form part of this agreement and we agree to make every effort to cooperate in order for Leo Farrell Photography to
fulfil its contracted photographic duty. We acknowledge Leo Farrell Photography cannot accept responsibility for the ‘extent’ of the photographic
coverage if these details are incorrect or if we chose not to follow the agreed to schedule.

7. Leo Farrell Photography will contact the client / the couple, at least two weeks prior to Wedding, to confirm details are correct and there are no

8. We agree to immediately advise Leo Farrell Photography in writing (via email) of any alterations in the details listed here including postponement
or cancellation of the wedding.

9. In the event of cancellation of the wedding we agree that the deposit/ booking fee will be forfeited.

10. We agree the Copyright of all photographs is owned by Leo Farrell Photography. We give permission to Leo Farrell Photography to use any
image of our Wedding for industry competitions and as required subsequent usage and for reasonable general promotional advertising for Leo
Farrell Photography. The usage for any other purpose is to be renegotiated between the parties and requires specific permission.

11. We understand that these photographs are only to be used as agreed and may not be copied or reproduced in physical form or digital form
other than that stated in this agreement.

12. We understand that these photographs are only to be used and reproduced for personal use for and by ourselves and our direct family and
friends. The client / the couple shall not authorise any usage or reproduction by any commercial parties or suppliers. Should any other parties or
suppliers (including but not limited to the event venue, caterers, make-up artists etc) request images we will not supply any copies but direct their
enquiries to Leo Farrell Photography. The client / the couple is obtaining the photographs for personal use. These photographs may not be sold for
profit, nor used for any commercial use.

13. The RAW digital files remain the property of Leo Farrell Photography and will not be supplied.

14. We agree that once we have received the digital files it is our sole responsibility for appropriate archival of the images. Leo Farrell Photography
suggests that the images are copied, and archived in a number of spaces and sites to avoid loss or damage. Archival of the images by Leo Farrell
Photography for an agreed term can be arranged at an additional cost.

Leo Farrell Photography
1. Should Leo Farrell not be available for any reason, Leo Farrell Photography will notify the client / the couple of the change as soon as it is known
and will recommend another photographer with equivalent skills and provide a refund of the deposit/booking fee and any subsequent service

2. As the photographs made by Leo Farrell Photography are manufactured with the finest materials currently available, Leo Farrell Photography
unconditionally guarantees them. If in your opinion any album or print made by Leo Farrell Photography has lost its original colour, Leo Farrell
Photography will replace the photograph for fifty per cent of the current selling price. The original photograph must be returned and the reprinting
charge paid in advance. This warranty will be valid for as long as Leo Farrell Photography has in its possession the original digital files in a printable

3. High resolution JPEG images at 300dpi will be provided to the client / the couple on disk. This process will take anywhere from 3-5 weeks after
the wedding day, industry season dependant. The disks will be delivered via registered Australia Post unless otherwise discussed.

4. Leo Farrell Photography shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond Leo Farrell Photography’s control
include faulty material, equipment failure, damaged digital files, loss of equipment/photos/digital files in transit between Leo Farrell Photography
and professional laboratories employed by Leo Farrell Photography, loss or damage to digital files and proofs during processing and developing either
by Leo Farrell Photography or professional laboratories employed by Leo Farrell Photography, industrial disputes, civil disturbances, or weather
conditions which may inhibit or prevent Leo Farrell Photography completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case Leo Farrell Photography
shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment. It is agreed that the liability of Leo Farrell Photography shall be limited to be
a refund of any money paid under this agreement which shall be in full & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.